Hand Sanitizer Casero

Hand Sanitizer Casero

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🌿 Hand Sanitizer ( handmade):  Is made of  thieves oil, aloe vera gel, wintergreen oil , alcohol 70% isopropyl & vitamine E with Aloe vera fragance in oil. 2 ounces bottle.

✅Antibacterial, antiviral, antiflu.

⚠️ Topical use only. 

⚠️ If you have allergy of any ingredients, NOT USE.

🌿Hand Sanitizer Casero: Hecho con aceite de rateros, gwl de sábila, wintergreen oil, alcohol 70% isopropyl & vitamina E con fragancia en aceite de sábila. Envase 2 onzas.

✅ Antibacterial, antiviral , antigripal.

⚠️Solo para uso tópico.

⚠️Si es alergico (a) a alguno de los ingredientes, NO USAR.